Report time like a Boss

For consultants and service companies. For those, who track - daily, weekly, multiple or only a few tasks and even offline.

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Meet Anthill

Our goal is to assist teams in time reporting so that they don't waste time on it.

Offline and online

Your app will automatically synchronize your time that is tracked offline.

Web, desktop and mobile apps

Simplest, smallest and most intuitive time tracking app for everybody.

Custom reports with Google Sheets

You don't need another admin panel - generate summaries, integrate sheets, create beautiful graphs and automate with Google Scripts.

Bulk task editing

Add/Edit/Delete many tasks with a single command - Add your 2 weeks holidays with one action!



The application increased our weekly reports fill rate by 82%.


Anthill takes time reporting to a new level and simply makes it fun.


Spreadsheet reporting is fabulous. We can generate any report we want.